Our Mission

We aim to educate our audience through the lives of our peace heroes. Many people both in the past and present day have shown great courage and selflessness to make the world a more peaceful place. We want to show you that making peace isn’t about ending world conflict or war. Creating peace starts today with how we respect and treat each other. Our question now is: What will you do for peace?

As an educational organization, Colorado Peace Museum’s volunteer contributors research individuals, collectives, organizations and institutions in Colorado and around the world that have taken courageous actions to create a Culture of Peace. Such individuals are identified, researched and awarded the designation of “Peace Hero” by Colorado Peace Museum. Collectives of individuals who have, combined, worked to create a culture of peace or resist violence and injustice are likewise recognized with a “Peacemaker Award.” Organizations leading their field in taking progressive actions to promote a Culture of Peace are recognized by Colorado Peace Museum with a “Peace Ally Award.”

Our Values:

  • Educational / Education
  • Humanitarian / Humanity
  • Courageous / Courage
  • Unified / Unity
  • Respectful / Respect
  • Philanthropic / Philanthropy
Peace Museum Colorado Mission!

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