Dr. John Hausdoerffer is an environmental philosopher, teacher, organizational founder and writer from Gunnison, Colorado. Dr. John is the founding Dean of the Clark Family School of Environment & Sustainability and the Director of the Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program at Western Colorado University, which connects the Gunnison valley to various international communities and makes Colorado a hub for training agents of positive change. He has also co-founded numerous organizations dedicated to building more resilient community systems such as the Coldharbour Institute, the Resilience Studies Consortium, the Mountain Resilience Coalition, and Gunnison’s “Sister City International” partnership with Majkhali, India- all of which focus on environmentalism and sustainability as solutions to issues. Throughout his life, Dr. John has worked tirelessly to create a more peaceful world. Not only does he actively provide inspiration about how to contribute to peace in everyday life, he also runs programs to educate the next generation of peace builders.

Discover more: https://western.edu/people/john-c-hausdoerffer-phd/