Medea Benjamin is an American political activist. Benjamin co-founded the feminist anti-war group “Code Pink: Women for Peace”, which advocated an end to the Iraq War, the prevention of future wars, and social justice. Benjamin has also been involved with the anti-war organization United for Peace and Justice. She later went on to create the Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad to monitor the United States military and the war’s effect on civilian populations. Through this center, she brought U.S. military family members to see the conditions under which enlisted personnel served, and to speak out against the war, in Congress, and at the United Nations. Medea received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Prize. She also won the Marjorie Kellogg National Peacemaker Award and the Thomas Merton Center Peace Award. Furthermore, she was awarded the Gandhi Peace Award “to honor her for her unyielding advocacy for social justice of more than 30 years”.

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