What can you do for peace today?

Many say controlling peace is above our heads. Controlling peace and conflict is the task of our government and president. They decide who we are in conflict with and who not.

Peace Hero Museums believes otherwise. The faith of peace across the globe is no longer the choice of your president or government. The choice is in your hands! Therefor is this blog we would like to show you the answer on the very important question. What can you do for peace today. The key to the answer is that many small reoccurring acts make a huge difference in how a society acts, lives together. Here are some ideas which can promote peace around you.

  1. Think before you speak: When you are angry or frustrated with somebody. Our mind has the natural response to scream, react in an unpleasant and or even aggressive way. Take the moment to think about the situation and the impact of your reaction. You will realise more often than not, conflict, aggression or even violence is barely ever the right answer.
  1. Make contact with people in public: We cross thousands of people in public in our daily lives. People which we have never seen before, which we don’t know their origin from. Instead of looking up in the sky of down at the floor. Don’t be scared to look people in the eye and smile, or even say hello. This can be the most memorable moment of the day for somebody and improve their happiness. And global happiness is the key for a peaceful world.
  1. Act when you have to: Violence, conflict happens still everywhere in the world. Often resulting in horrible situations and people needing help. Make a promise to your self whenever you encounter a situation with a person in help that you will not look away but instead help the person. Try to find some compassion in your heart for the people around you. As this can make a day and night difference for somebody. Or even yourself, Would you like to have people looking away when you need help?

With these 3 small commitments to peace and global happiness we can start by changing peace in our neighbourhood, many peaceful neighbourhoods make a peaceful city, many peaceful cities make a peaceful country, many peaceful countries make a peaceful world. This is what you can do for peace TODAY

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